GAPP Blog 2016
Teil 1

First entry NYC

After sitting in the Airplane for 9 hours, we arrived in Newark at about 3 pm. We reached our hostel in Chelsea by bus, train and subway. So after being awake for over 24 hours we finally fell asleep.

But we had to get up at 8 o’clock the next morning in order to get breakfast. Our day trip started at 10 am and we went to the Flatiron Building. This impressive building was the first skyscraper in New York and in my opinion the most interesting in the whole city. Our next stop was Central Park. After a little walk around one of the lakes in Central Park, we took the subway to Brooklyn in order to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We had a beautiful view over the city, although it was really “dangerous“ because of all the bikers. For the rest of the day we went shopping. But the best part of the day was the evening when we went to Time Square. The atmosphere was amazing.

Our next day tour started again after having breakfast. We visited Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. After that we had some free time before we met up some hours later in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Well, actually only some of us because the other part went to watch a basketball match. At 10 pm we all met at the hostel.

The next day the whole group visited National Museum of American History. For all of you who don’t know, that’s the museum where „Nachts im Museum“ was filmed. Two hours later we did a little rally in the city. After some free time we climbed (Well, actually only the last six floors :-)) the Empire State Building. The view was breathtaking.

On our last day we could choose between another NYC museum or Rockefeller center (thats a skyscraper where you have a really nice view over the city an especially over Central Park). After this we had some time for shopping. At 1 pm we met and all visited Ground Zero. First, a man, who was there when the airplanes crashed into the twin towers, told us his story. After his report everybody was very touched and some of us also visited the 9/11 Museum to gain further insight into what happened that day.
In the evening we spent time together and we ate pizza. It was a great way to say good bye to beautiful New York City.
Oh, I almost forgot, some of us went for a walk to see and experience the High Line (a former railway, which is a park now) before we left NYC on Tuesday.

Talk to you soon,